Denix Replica Henry .44 RF Rifle by Uberti and in new, boxed condition, with working action. The Henry Repeating Rifle was first made in 1860 and instantly made obsolete almost every other infantry weapon in use in the world obsolete over night!. It had a quick to load, 16 round magazine and could fire as quick as the shooter could work the action. They had a combat range of 200 yards, but were deadly at that distance. The Union forces equipped with them in the Civil War were considered the luckiest guys left alive on the battlefield! The Henry factory could only make around 300 rifles per month and total production, when it ceased in 1866 was only 16,000 guns. The Henry was used by Custer’s 7th Cavalry at the Battle of Little Big Horn and as a result, the American Indians ended up with a lot of them and large quantities of ammunition. A historical classic. Pre 1870s Replica, no licence required.