The Pak 36/37 (Panzerabwehrkanone 36) is a 3.7 cm / 37mm caliber German anti-tank gun used during the Second World War. It was the main anti-tank weapon of Wehrmacht Panzerjäger units until 1942. Originally designed to be towed by horse, it was later converted to be pulled by mechanised units. The main armament on would later be converted and installed into German tanks, most notably the early models of the Panzer III.

This is a full size replica PaK 35/36 Wehrmacht anti tank cannon made of 10mm steel through out and was copied from an original. This is outstanding in quality and painted in original Fallschirmjager green. It can be fully towed with a pin hitch. Weighs in at over a ton. It would recommend its transported by trailer. This is a gas simulated cannon and therefore goes “BANG” – filled with propane and oxy and at the flick of a button makes a whooping great thud. Perfect for re-enactments, film industry, theatre etc.

Collection only and is scratch built from order. Orders are within 16 weeks from date of order & payment.