M1 Carbine. Denix Replica


Aug 2

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Early model M1 Carbine without the bayonet adapter.

Metal repilca with a wood stock, with working action. You can cock the carbine and pull the trigger, the magazine is removable. Other than the trigger, magazine catch and cocking handle the rest of the switches are cast and do not move.

Condition: New

Product Number: #CM004003

Please note we will NOT ship outside the United Kingdom.

Legal Notice:

Under the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006. Realistic imitation firearms Under sections 36 and 37 ?realistic imitation firearm? means an imitation firearm which?(a)has an appearance that is so realistic as to make it indistinguishable, for all practical purposes, from a real firearm; and (b)is neither a de-activated firearm nor itself an antique. Colchester Militaria will therefore be holding an in house Policy to Operate a Challenge 21 or Challenge 25 policy : This means that if the person appears to be under 21 or 25, they will be asked to verify that they are 18 or over by showing valid proof of age. (passport/ driving licence). Colchester Militaria will not sell deactivated weapons to any person under 18.

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